Use of ‘health/healthy/healthily’

First, health means ‘salud’ so we can translate ‘el sistema de salud’ with ‘the health service’. We can also say ‘do you have good health?’ for ‘¿Tienes buena salud?’.

Second, and this is the most problematic area with our English students, is that ‘saludable/sano’ means ‘healthy’ and these are all adjectives. Thus, we can say ‘the food is healthy’ or ‘it is healthy to go hiking’. However, since ‘sano’ or ‘saludable’ can also be adverbs such as in sentences like ‘como sano/saludable’, students often say ‘I eat healthy’. Unfortunately, this is incorrect and we must implement the adverb form of the word in English which is ‘healthily’. Therefore, the correct sentence would be ‘I eat healthily’. 

Lastly, in English, if we want to say something will do your body good we would often implement the following phrase: ‘it’s good for your health’. This sentence could refer to the person/people you are conversing with or it could talk about the health of people in society in general.