There is often confusion in our skype English classes online concerning the verb ‘to bath’. Well, although it exists in British English we don’t usually use it. According to wordreference.com ‘bañarse’ can mean ‘to take/have a bath/shower’. When you ‘take or have a bath’ it is what you do when you want to relax or wash yourself usually at home or in a hotel. When you do this you lay down horizontally in the water in a bathtub (bañera). In British English the verb ‘to bathe’ (meterse al agua) is usually employed when you want to go in the sea, in a lake, river or in a swimming pool. The primary objective is enjoyment and not to wash yourself although some people may bathe to wash themselves especially in less developed countries. ‘Bathing’ is usually done outside whilst ‘to have a bath’ is usually done indoors. I hope that helps. http://www.clasesinglesonline.com



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